DIY Spring Easter Bunny Bunting Banner

Spring is here and Easter is now two weeks away so we figured it was time to get our decorations up and do a bit of crafting to create some of our own. This adorable bunny bunting is easy and great fun for kids. I absolutely love how it looks. (Warning, kids with glue and cotton balls can get messy – Donovan said it best. “This is stickier than Spiderman’s Web” I recommend using a glue that will wash off easily if working with young children). Don’t fret if you don’t have what is listed, this project is very verasitle, use what you have on hand.

Note: I will try to add better pictures tomorrow, I finally found my camera battery charger (in the boys’ toy box of all places) so I will have a working camera again tomorrow and won’t have to use my phone.


Step 1 – Gather Supplies


Patterned Card or Paper
Bunny silhouette pattern (Click here to view and print my 3″ bunny silhouette pattern for free)
Cotton Balls

Because this was a spontaneous craft I had to use what we had on hand. I didn’t have any spring colored paper so I used white card stock and printed some patterns in bright colors. You can use scrapbooking paper or any other spring colored patterned paper or card.

Step 2 – Cut out your Bunnies

Originally was tracing the silhouettes onto the back of the patterned paper, but found this to be time consuming so I made a quick pattern to print on the back of the card so once cut we wouldn’t have any visible lines on the front. Printing the pattern made it so much easier, it was quick and kept me from getting pencil lead on my fingers and transferring that to the front of the bunnies. (If using 12×12 paper simply cut it down to 8.5×11 or A4 depending on what you are used to.) Once you have your pattern printed on the back of all your paper simple cut out each bunny using scissors. If using my pattern you will get 12 bunnies per page, each bunny is 3 inches tall. I used five different colored patterns and ended up with a lot of bunnies and one long bunting and a small bunting, you can make as many as you need. (warning this can be time consuming. I watched a movie while I was doing it)

Step 3 – Add Tails

To make the silhouettes look more like Bunnies we used cotton balls. You will need to pull the cotton ball into pieces and reform balls so they will fit on your bunnies. Using you favorite glue adhere your tails on to the bottoms of your bunnies. The boys really enjoyed this part. Once all your tails are on, let them dry.

Step 4 – Assemble your bunting

Once your bunnies are dry turn them over and tape them to your yarn. The yarn I used was some left over chunky I had used for a crochet project. There are many options for this ribbon, ric rac, thread (for an invisible look), use what you have on hand. Spacing of the bunnies is not particularly important, for the large bunting I put each one about an inch apart, while for the small one that only consisted of 7 bunnies I used a space of about 3 inches.

And there you have it. Add all the bunnies to the yarn and your bunting is done and ready to hang.

This project can be altered to suit any occasion. Use cookie cutters to trace shapes on your patterned paper for adorable bunting which can be used for decorating seasonally, for a party, or a child’s room / nursery. I hope this has got your creative juices flowing, I would love to see your creations.


Happy Crafting

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